Frequently Asked Questions

how do you charge?

We offer a combination fee with a flat fee on design services and a percent of product cost for the project management or implementation fee.

is there a contract?

Yes, all projects require a letter of agreement. This protects both the client and the designer, it also provides clarity on the design process, the project scope, and essential details including change orders.

How long will my project take?

The project duration depends entirely on the scope of the project. Projects range from 90 days to 12 months. We do everything possible, including the use of express ship furniture programs, to minimize your wait time. Please remember you’ll be enjoying your custom interiors for many years to come, that kind of enjoyment takes time to create and deliver.

Do you provide Construction Drawings?

Yes we provide floor plan and elevations for construction and space planning. So you know your furniture is going to fit and the contractor knows just what to build so everyone is on the same page.

How far would you travel for a project?

We cover the complete state of Maine outside of Maine we can do designs virtually.

Do you work with other trade professionals?

Yes, we work with general contractors, electricians, HVAC & plumbing contractions, and communications and security contractors. Depending on the project we will bring other specialists on an as needed basis.

How does hiring an interior designer work?

We start all of our projects with a complementary discovery call that is scheduled in advance so we can have you fill out a short survey. This survey is required to be sent back to us 48 hours so that we may review it before the scheduled call. From there we determine if there is a desire to move forward with the design process. Once moving forward we will gather additional information and provide the client with a proposal that will include exactly what is needed for their unique project.