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Founded in 2008 by Lori LaRochelle, LaRochelle Interiors is a full service interior design firm specializing in renovations, remodels, additions, and new builds. We work throughout Maine, as well as in Colorado and anywhere clients can be found who love outdoor living and value beautiful and functional, luxury interior design.

Lori LaRochelle

Founder & Principal Designer

With degrees in both interior design and business management, plus backgrounds in architecture, drafting, corporate design, and construction inspection, Lori LaRochelle, our founder and principal designer is someone you want handling your interior design project. Her steadfast commitment to integrity, transparency, and clear, consistent communication are hallmarks of her character. Her creativity and resourcefulness allow practicality and high-end luxury to merge in the spaces she designs for her clients. 

Lori’s design career spans nearly four decades, but her love for design started in childhood. As a pre-teen, she and a friend spent countless hours in the woods designing and building sapling “cabins,” complete with multiple rooms, balsam bow roofs, and doors and windows that opened and closed. 

Spending time in more technical positions (such as a 25-year stint as in-house corporate designer for a power company where she worked side-by-side with engineers) taught Lori project management and analytical skills that benefit her clients to this day. In one case, she saved a corporation over half a million dollars annually by running a cost analysis and recommending procedural changes to their corporate housing design process.  

Since founding LaRochelle Interiors in 2008, Lori has designed residential and commercial spaces for her clients using a unique blend of practicality and luxury. Her knowledge of construction and architecture inform her analytical approach to design, as does her business management degree, ensuring projects are on track and executed correctly from the ground up. Her innate creativity and eye for design result in beautiful interiors and delight clients with one-of-a-kind features like ocean views from a soaking tub and a home bar built from a Chris-Craft boat hull. 

Good things are on the horizon for Lori and her clients. With an office renovation in progress and a growing team, homes and luxury commercial properties in Maine, Colorado, and more are in for a treat!

Derrick C. White

CAD Manager/Designer

Our resident CAD (computer aided design) expert and kitchen design genius, Derrick has extensive training in the culinary arts and over 15 years of experience in CAD. Our clients assure us there’s nothing like having a trained chef to create a true chef’s kitchen in your very own home. From cabinetry customization to cutting edge appliances, Derrick’s culinary experience and expertise mean he isn’t just equipped to give you your dream kitchen - he’s equipped to give you a kitchen that exceeds your wildest dreams!

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